Snowpond Composer's Workshop

    Summer 2016 has certainly kicked off an amazing start.  Between concerts, summer camp, and a variety of professional opportunities, this summer will be, and has already begun to be, one of the most productive and fun ones yet.  As I am typing this I am on my way back to North Carolina from the Snowpond Composer’s Workshop in Sidney, Maine.  The workshop was a week-long writing camp where young composers from across the country got the opportunity to collaborate, share, and participate in stimulating conversations, master classes, lectures, and private lessons.  The workshop drew to a close with two recitals featuring music written by each of the participating composers.  

        The music was performed by artists in residence, Peter Bloom, Chris Gross, and Wren Stephens.  The workshop not only provided composers opportunities to write for world class musicians, but it also allowed us to take part in the rehearsal and performance aspect of the music.