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This piece is dedicated to Polly Irene O’Neal, who is now soaring as freely and luminously as a lustrous ray of light.

Light can be soft and pure, yet piercing and harsh. Its absence, darkness, can be empty, silent, and still. It has the ability to be free, yet confining, and void, yet all consuming. Based primarily on intervallic relationships of a second and a seventh, this piece explores the complexities of light and its absence. I find these particular intervals confining, yet free.

Light paints the image of the sheen and shine of a speck of light in a dark place, longing to be free of the darkness that surrounds it. A reflection on the longing we sometimes feel to be free, yet consumed. A longing to be light.

The text is taken from “Free” by Katherine Nolan.

I want to be as free as light.

No one can say “Light, you can not be here,” For light is always here.

How could we live without Light?

Though, light creates shadows. And that is where I find myself. Lurking in the constraints and boundaries of the prison created by the light I see.

My only freedom is darkness. But I long to be consumed in light. Now I am as free as light.

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